Preventing any oral problems or pain should be the goal of any dentist. At Carlon Dentistry, this is our first priority. We customize at-home instructions combined with individually assessed recall recommendations to prevent cavities and other oral health problems. We have two full-time Registered Dental Hygienists to provide continuity with your visits to not only personally track any existing conditions or long term concerns, but also to share your latest vacation stories or pictures of children and grandchildren. These hygienists will perform a professional cleaning (prophylaxis) where any calculus and plaque will be removed prior to polishing to remove any stains on your teeth. 

 Also, an exam will be performed at every cleaning appointment. If there is a small problem, we want to catch it while still small before it can become hazardous to your health. This exam does not only focus on your teeth, but also includes an oral cancer screening. This is when the hygienists in conjunction with the dentist may recommend x-rays, fluoride treatments, or sealants according to your personal findings and address any concerns you may have.

A unique preventative measure we offer at Carlon Dentistry is the use of fluoride trays. Fluoride trays were originally developed for patients undergoing any head and neck cancer treatment to enable the patient to keep their teeth healthy. Be sure to ask Dr. Becky about this option as she was involved with the cutting edge research and writing the original protocols for this treatment.